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City Cleaning Company

city cleaning company

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Clean Cities Expo 2010

Clean Cities Expo 2010

In return for their commitment to the Clean Cities programs, stakeholders will receive a variety of benefits, free of charge. Specific advantages to being a Clean Cities stakeholder include assistance in pursuing exclusive grants, publicity, networking opportunities and access to relevant information on alternative fuel market development and other issues.
“This is a great opportunity for Connecticut area businesses and organizations to expand our influence. We (the coalitions) offer interested parties the opportunity to speak with one voice on issues of clean air, the environment, independence from foreign energy and adoption of new technology in the mass transit and business transportation sectors,” said Norwich Clean Cities Coalition Coordinator, Pete Polubiatko. “All interested parties are welcome to attend the Connecticut Clean Cities Expo and find out more about our collective organizations,” he added.
Besides discussion of stakeholder benefits, expo attendees will also be treated to a variety of exhibits and a keynote address by Congressman John Larson of Connecticut’s 1st Congressional District. Sponsored by all four of the Connecticut Clean Cities organizations, (Southwestern Connecticut, Greater New Haven, Norwich and Capitol [covering the greater Hartford area]), the Expo’s panel of alternative fuel experts will discuss achievements and accomplishments of the Connecticut Clean Cities Future Fuels Project, (CTCCFF), a $29 million program, funded through a public private partnership; a grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, funded by the Department of Energy and non-public funds provided by members of the project team.

Clean Cities Expo 2010

Clean Cities Expo 2010

The CTCCFF project represents the largest project of its kind in the history of the state and involves a variety of alternative fuels including Compressed Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas, Hydrogen Fueling, Biodiesel and High Capacity Electric Charging. CTCCFF Project grants are funding a four year, alternative fuels project servicing more than 30 partners, 10 alternative fuel stations, and more than 250 alternative fuel vehicles throughout the state.
In addition to addresses and presentations, expo attendees will be offered the opportunity to commit to supporting the goals of the Clean Cities program. Clean Cities stakeholders will be encouraged to commit to investigating ways of introducing alternative fuels into their businesses, and to act as evangelists for the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities programs.

city cleaning company

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